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Suite 2A, Road # 36, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212.

Tel    :+88-02-9858849, +88-02-9891538
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In the internet we can get various types of earning scope without any investment. We can use our extra time apart from our regular job for this purpose. Many people using internet as well as various process or websites and various scope of job for Online earning. Concept of Home Based Jobs is increasing worldwide day after day rapidly. In many Countries this Industry has become vital in their national budget for earnings Foreign Exchange and job solution of the Country and hopefully Bangladesh is one of them.

However, various types of works are offered by a lot of reliable Freelance sites which can be done easily by any person who is experienced in operating computer and browsing internet. Please note that companies who are offering jobs are not reliable always. Generally reliable sites always offer free registration and you can start work at home by registration with them.
Click on the following Links to Start Earning Online :

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    Follow the procedure mentioned below :

  • Create Your Account / Register at first with any site.
  • Click on find work and take a tour on types of works are offered by the site and select the work you are experienced. 
  • Try to start always with the work comparatively easy to you.  
  • Click on the Apply Button on the right side of each work field. Apply to Job field will be opened. Read this page and fill up all the fields carefully.       
  • Click on What should I include in my Cover Letter and learn about
    i) application Quota ii) Cover Letter iii) Attachment etc.
  • Click on Apply to this Job 
       Bidding Instructions :
  • Know about type of work .
  • Select work in your range.  
  • Price should be competitive.
  • Cover letter should be strong. 
  • Always attach sample work .
  • Complete job in time
  • Face interview carefully.   

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