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Work permit procedure. 

Lots of persons from different parts of the world come to
Singapore to search jobs. For searching jobs sometimes they need to have work permits while sometimes they can work even without have work permits . Citizens of North America, Western Europe, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, or the ASEAN do not normally need a visa for a short visit to Singapore
. But there are exceptions in some cases.

In Singapore, Foreigners must hold a Professional Visit or Pass if they are taking a short-term professional assignment. But note that it is only applicable if it is short-term assignment. Instances in which a Professional Visit Pass
might be appropriate also include participating or conducting a conference. It can also be a workshops, seminars, or gatherings of a racial, religious, communal, cause-related, or political nature. While covering an event or writing a story as a reporter or journalist the pass works. 

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The pass also works while accompanying the crew member in such an incident. The person is also entitles to use the Professional Visit if he is giving a talk or lecture as a religious worker or performing as an artist at a nightclub or pub, lounge, or other entertainment site.

A foreigner must obtain a work permit or Employment Pass if he or she wants to live and work in Singapore on a more long-term basis. He has to get the employment pass through his prospective employer. You have to pay professional charge to get Employment Passes. The fees for this is $30 S per year and take about six weeks to process. It is advisable that all foreigners should contact the Singaporean diplomatic mission in their home countries before coming to Singapore
on business.

Employment Pass Scheme :

Employment Pass (EP) is a type of work visa issued to foreign professional employees, managers, and owners/directors of Singapore companies. There is no quota system limiting the number of Employment Passes that can be issued to a company. This guide provides detailed information about eligibility requirements, application procedure, processing timeline, and other relevant details about Singapore Employment Pass. The terms Employment Pass and Employment Visa are used interchangeably in this document....................... ......Click for details . 

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