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Applying for Canada Immigration offers an exciting opportunity to live and work in Canada, one of the world's most dynamic and rewarding countries. Immigration for Canada constitutes an ever-growing section of society and the country has been awarded the highest standard of living award several times in the past decade by the United Nations Human Development Index.

Immigration in Canada.

For those wishing to live and work in the country on a permanent basis, a range of options exist which confer immediate permanent residency status. The Canada Immigration service, Citizenship and Immigration in Canada or CIC allows permanent residents to apply for Canadian citizenship following satisfaction of the three-year residency obligation requirement.
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Canadian work Visa.

One of the most popular routes for Immigration to Canada is the Federal Skilled Worker Class Visa, which seeks to attract immigrants with desirable business skills and work experience that will contribute to and further the economy.

This type of Work Visa for Canada works on a points-based system examining factors such as age, work experience, education and a migrant's ability to adapt easily. There is a list of occupations which are currently in short supply in Canada.

A successful application for a Skilled Worker Visa will give a candidate the status of a permanent resident in Canada with the same rights as Canadian citizens except the right to vote. It will also afford them complete freedom to work in the country as they see fit.

Other Visa Schemes :

For applicants who do not meet the points threshold there are still a range of business-based options. In Canada Visa applications for permanent residence are welcomed from potential migrants with the capital, ability and intention to set up businesses in the country.

Canadian Immigration under the business classes, often known as the Business Immigration Program offers opportunities in three categories for Investors, Entrepreneurs and those wishing to become self employed.

Canada Entrepreneur Visa.

Clients who apply for a Canadian working visa under the Entrepreneur program will need to purchase or invest in a commercial venture, which will contribute to the economy and create jobs for permanent Canadian residents or citizens outside the applicant and their family.

Clients who wish to go the self employed route must demonstrate the ability and intention to purchase or start a business which will provide employment for the applicant and will make a significant contribution to the economy or cultural life of the country. Farmers, artists, professional athletes and musicians fit into this category.


Canadian Immigration Investor Programme

Those clients wishing to invest in the economy rather than establishing a business may pursue the Immigrant Investor Program. In this case clients must make a minimum investment of $400,000 (CDN) to a government or province approved venture. They must also be able to demonstrate that they have successfully owned or operated a business, and have amassed a net worth of $800,000 (CDN) or more.

Clients may also wish to explore the Provincial Nomination program, which allows a province or employer, depending on the province selected, to nominate a limited amount of candidates and apply to the provincial government for sponsorship. A job offer under this route is based upon the candidate's skills.

Unlike working permits, the provincial nomination scheme is a permanent Canadian Immigration option. In addition, it is important to note that clients are restricted to working in the province to which the submission was made.

Canadian Immigration Family Visas :

An application for a Canadian family Visa is also available in which existing permanent Canadian residents or citizens can sponsor their foreign national relatives for an agreed time (between 3 and 10 years) in certain provinces until they are able to establish themselves.

In the Canada Visa requirements for family immigrants clients are not subject to the points system and any Canadian permanent resident of 18 years or more, with sufficient qualifying income and depending on the province they
live in, can sponsor a relative in this way.

Sponsoring relatives in this way is usually the quickest route to achieving permanent residency in Canada; it allows for Spouse Immigration and fiancé Immigration. It also permits parents' and dependent children under 18 years of age to enter the country.

Canadian Work Permit.

Aside from the various options for permanent Immigration to Canada, Canada also offers a number of routes to visit or work in the country on a temporary basis. Canadian Work Permits are issued when clients have a specific job offer on a temporary basis from a sponsoring company. A Canadian Work Permit depends upon you working solely for the employer making the offer and will only be issued for a position which could not be filled by a Canadian citizen.

Procedure for applying for a Work Permit :  Click here for details
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