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Citizenship Worldwide

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Citizenship is a concept whereby a citizen is an individual who is fully recognized by a state as being a member of that state. Citizenship, which is a legal concept, grants individuals who have some sort of legal status within a state, certain rights, and they are expected to perform certain duties:

Being a citizen of a country entitles one to rights to vote and the right to enjoy social privileges like pensions and health care subsidies. The rules defining citizenship vary from country to country, but essentially, it is widely acknowledged that when an individual is born in a country, he automatically becomes a citizen. Yet the concept of citizenship, in ancient times was somewhat more complex; living in a country for many years did not mean you were a citizen, nor could you become a citizen just by your birthplace. So, who was a citizen, who was not?

However, every country has their own citizenship policies, under which people living in that country, enjoy rights and facilities of the state and allow people from other countries becoming citizen of that country to live and enjoy facilities offered by the state.

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