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Travelling abroad for Treatment.

It’s important to know the risks if you are thinking of travelling abroad for medical treatment. Standards of medical facilities in all countries and costs involved thereof may not be the same. And in some countries there may be a risk of transmission of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C during medical procedures.

Before you start for destination.

Discuss pre-existing conditions with your doctor. Check the airline will allow you to travel. And consider the impact long distance travel will have on your health. You must find out as much information as possible about the hospital and treatment therein before you make a decision to go abroad for treatment, which  should include :-

  • Reputation of the Hospital.
  •  Mortality rates
  • success rates of the surgeon/doctor who will carry out your operation / treatment
  •  Infection rates in that Hospital. 
  • Arrangements for follow up care.
  • Additional medical or emergency treatment in case of complications.
  • Medicines and dressings.
  • An extended stay for any friends or family accompanying you.
  • Correctional treatment, if required.
  • Follow-up treatment that is required next.
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Costs, Liabilities and Insurance.

When you are decided to go for treatment abroad in any hospital, Remember, you will have to face a great difficulties if something goes wrong during or after the treatment.  If there are extra costs you’ll have to pay them. So make sure you have enough fund to cover the price you have been quoted and any emergency costs.  

Make sure about following matters :

  • Collect a complete quotation from the hospital.
  • A written contract with the hospital clearly stated outline what is and isn’t covered by the fee you have been quoted.
  • You may be charged for basic provisions such as soap, towels and bed sheets.
  • In some countries nursing care is not routinely available and friends and family are expected to provide care.
  • Ensure the contract also sets out the arrangements for making complaints.
  • Be sure who will cover Standard cost of Insurance.
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